Sugar Rub!Check your pets for breast cancer.
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September 27, 2001 - May 22, 2014
The Sugar Rub! Story

One day my Mama J picked me up and felt a lump at the top of the inside of my right front leg. She knew it might be serious and she contacted our vet.

Our vet took some fluid and sent it to the lab. The next day we got bad news. Mama J was right, it was very serious. I had feline mammary cancer - breast cancer.

I went to an oncologist the next day and he recommended that they remove the lump and all of my mammary glands on the side where the lump was located. So the day after that I had a lumpectomy and a unilateral mastectomy.

How did Mama J know it was serious? She had a friend whose kitty had feline mammary cancer and she knew the signs. But as she has shared my story, she has found that a lot of people don't know that animals can get breast cancer. So we started
Sugar Rub! to raise awareness of the importance of giving your pets regular breast exams.

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