Sugar Rub!Check your pets for breast cancer.
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What You Can Do

Our mission consists of three objectives.
  1. Raise awareness that pets get breast cancer too.
  2. Encourage pet parents to check their pets at least once a month by giving them a Sugar Rub!
  3. Fund a feline mammary cancer research study at the University of Pennsylvania Vet school. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.
The Sugar Rub!

Sugar Rub! is what we call giving your pet a breast exam.

With any cancer early detection is a critical factor for survival, so examining your pets regularly is very important. In addition to a regular exam by your veterinarian at least once a year, give your pet an overall nose to tail exam at least once a month. Be on the lookout for any unusual lumps or bumps and get them checked out by your vet right away.

We have a video of Sugar getting a Sugar Rub! from her oncologist, Dr. Stephen Atwater and an article by Dr. Donna Spector about how to do a breast exam on your pets.

Click here to watch Sugar get a breast exam and hear from her oncologist, Dr. Stephen Atwater
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Click here to read an article from the Halo website on how to do a breast exam on your pet
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Join our Mission!

You can help us share the message about the importance of regular breast exams for pets by purchasing and wearing our wristbands, t-shirts and BELIEVE pendants (shown below).


Our pink BeliEVE wristband represents our
commitment and belief that we 
can fund more effective treatments for animal 

We BeliEVE we can
Sugar Cereske

BELIEVE Pendants

Wear a pendant to show your support and raise awareness. (16 inch chain included). We also have 18 inch chains, 16 inch black silk cord or 20 inch black silk cord available.
Our orange Sugar Rub! wristband represents
our commitment to raise animal breast cancer
awareness and encourage owners to perform
regular breast exams on their pets.

Sugar Rub!
Pets get breast cancer too.
Power of the Paw

Breast Cancer

Pink Paw

Black Paw


Our Sugar Rub t-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. 

Front                                                Back

How to Order

You can order via Paypal or send us a check. If you would like your order to qualify for a tax-deduction, you must pay by check. 

Paypal Instructions
Send the total amount of your order to our Paypal account
In the comments section please include:
  • Items you are ordering
  • Quantity
  • Wristband color
  • Pendant charm and chain or cord size
  • T-shirt size.
  • Shipping Address. 
Pay by Check Instructions
Please contact us at for instructions.

Price List
Wristbands (you can mix and match)
1 Wristband:   $6.00, 
2 Wristbands: $10.00

BELIEVE Pendants
$19.95 each (includes chain or black silk cord)


All prices include tax and shipping within the US. If you are from outside the US, please contact us at to find out the shipping cost.

Please note that your Paypal purchase does not entitle you to a charitable tax deduction because we are not a registered charitable organization. The cost of all merchandise is personally funded and 100% of the funds collected from sales are donated
to the Sugar Rub! Fund for Feline Mammary Carcinoma Research at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary school. You must pay by check to qualify for a tax-deduction. 

Share Our Message!

Print and post our flyers to let others know about animal breast cancer. Most pet supply stores have bulletin boards where you can post flyers. Ask your veterinarian or local shelter if can you post one at their location.

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